Saturday, 8 October 2016

Jam & Coconut Bites

I loveeee cooking! I've seen these protein balls all over Pinterest and Instagram, and thought I would give the a try. I found a recipe, but changed a couple of the ingredients. These are AMAZING!! They were super easy and quick to make but also taste good and are healthy for you. These are right up my alley. I love things that are healthy and tasty at the same time.

 You will need (makes around twenty):

  • One cup of almonds
  • One and half cups of dates
  • One spoon of strawberry jam
  • Three spoons of almond butter
  • One spoon of coconut oil
  • A hand full of chia seeds
  • For toppings either // cacao powder// coconut

There isn't really an order on what goes first but... I tend to put the dates and almonds in first to make sure there blended well. Then I add all the other ingredients. After that start rolling the balls out onto a plate or tray and put in freezer for 5-10mins. The reason for this is because it makes them easier to cover and less sticky. Then choose the topping and sprinkle some on to a plate and start rolling until fully covered. You can now pop them in the fridge for 20mins to let them settle. 

 Have you made any things like this before? Leave any post suggestions in the comments :)
Sophia x


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