Tuesday, 4 October 2016

bali seminyak

I just came back from Bali, 2 days ago! It was easily the best trip I've ever been on. Everyday was filled with blue skies, sun and 32 degrees weather. This trip you could say was very last minuet. I was talking to my mum and we were both saying we hate this cold weather in Sydney and we need to go some place warmmm. We were very close to booking Thailand.... However, we realised it wasn't the best season to be visiting there, so I suggested Bali. I looked all over social media, to find a nice place to stay. I found this place in Seminyak called the Hu'u villas! This was absolutely AMAZING.

Seminyak was filled with amazing things to do and see. We walked around the villages, through the Seminyak square. Our days were filled with going to amazing places, meeting nice people, laying by the pool, going to the beach and eating at DELICIOUS restaurants/cafes (I'm going to create a separate blog post on this).  Now the people in Bali are sooo nice! You walk by and everyone says hi and ask you how you are. Also shopping in Seminyak is super cheap! You need to make sure that while your there you go to Ubud for a day trip, see the monkey forest, the temples, markets and the waterfalls. The waterfall was one of my highlights from this trip. we walked down a steep hill, past peoples homes and ended up at this beautiful waterfall. We even went swimming in it!!!!

This cafe in the heart of Seminyak, was the BEST place we ate while there, like the acai bowl below. 

So I think you get the picture. Seminyak was absolutely beautiful... I'm already planning my trip back.

Have you been to Bali before? What was your fav thing about it?


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